Leaders in Safeguarding

How effective are your safeguarding arrangements?

Leaders in Safeguarding provides quality assurance and specialist support, advice, training and scrutiny of safeguarding arrangements in education, health, social care and leisure settings.  We will help you to attain high standards and validate the steps you take to keep others as safe as possible.

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About Leaders in Safeguarding

Leaders in Safeguarding was established in 2013 by Dr Dan Grant PhD Social Work (safeguarding), who has worked at senior levels in education, social care and criminal justice. Dan is a published author of academic texts, an independent social worker and risk assessor, an inspector of further education and skills and an inspector of prisons and youth justice services. He works together with a team of experts from across public services and the helping professions supporting clients to tackle some of the most difficult challenges in safeguarding. Leaders in Safeguarding Ltd has successfully completed several complex independent safeguarding reviews in schools, specialist colleges, faith organisations (IICSA) and in local government organisations including British overseas territories.

At Leaders in Safeguarding we share a vision where all children and adults at risk feel safe and where the services they receive reflect statutory responsibilities, government guidance and best practice. We are committed to helping organisations to make sure the services they provide are effective in protecting individuals from harm and promoting their health and welfare. We do this by advising, training, coaching and auditing. Many of our clients are unaware of the vast array of information and resources that a freely available to them via government and third sector organisations. The work we do is rooted in integrity and professionalism.

The Work We Do

We have a team of experts from education, health, social care, criminal justice and (current) statutory inspection to support you in providing a safe environment for children, young people and adults at risk by:

  • providing specialist and experienced consultants to audit and scrutinise safeguarding arrangements, systems and practices in schools, FE, HE, faith based, and third sector organisations
  • independent safeguarding Reviews and Investigations
  • independent social work assessments
  • consultancy to help you prepare for statutory inspection of regulated provision
  • delivering first class face to face and online safeguarding and risk assessment training for DSLs, staff and governors
  • reviewing and updating policies, systems and practices
  • providing support with implementing the Prevent duty and conduct Prevent risk assessments in education
  • supporting you with annual safeguarding audits and staff surveys
  • supporting the preparation of annual safeguarding reports’ to governors
  • providing training, support and supervision for designated safeguarding leads and designated safeguarding officers
  • ensuring effective governance arrangements in safeguarding and child protection
  • advising on information sharing and accountability in child protection and safeguarding
  • consultation over safer recruitment, online background checks and single central register audits

The LIS Award

The Leaders in Safeguarding Award is a registered Quality Mark given to organisations following a thorough external audit of their safeguarding arrangements. 

The process is simple, we audit against our 16 Safeguarding Standards, prepare a detailed report with recommendations for any improvement required. 

Finally the audit findings are presented to our Scrutiny and Validation Panel who decide whether all of the standards are met.

Organisations reaching our Standard will receive the Leaders in Safeguarding quality mark.

Our quality mark demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to safeguarding children, young people and adults at risk.

We were absolutely delighted to achieve a Gold Award from Leaders in Safeguarding. We have always taken safeguarding very seriously and strived for excellence. The advice, guidance and support we have received from Leaders in Safeguarding has been invaluable in ensuring our processes and procedures are as good as they can be.

We work with more than 10,000 learners every year from all age groups, backgrounds and ethnicities. We are focussed and driven to ensure that all barriers are removed to allow every single learner to achieve their potential, whether on an apprenticeship or an adult learning course.

We’ll continue to work hard to ensure safeguarding remains at the core of everything we do.

Kim Curtain
Safeguarding & Wellbeing Manager at Realise

Realise (realisetraining.com)

Achieving the Leaders in Safeguarding Award has definitely supported our business by helping us in understanding best practice and to help demonstrate just how effective we are at protecting our students and promoting their welfare. This has confirmed that we lead by example within the safeguarding umbrella and has helped towards our impressive OFSTED inspection reports and grading. This has ensured that safeguarding remains at the forefront of our business.

Progression 2 Work – July 2023
Johanne Varley Managing Director

Leaders in Safeguarding Gold Award

Sorin Neacsu, Head of Safeguarding: “We are so proud to have been awarded the Leaders in Safeguarding accreditation at a Gold standard in recognition of the RHN’s outstanding safeguarding culture. To receive the Gold Award is a testament to all RHN colleagues and their dedication to the safety and welfare of those we care for, which has always remained our number one priority.”

Della Warren, Director of Nursing: “We are delighted to have received such amazing feedback from Leaders in Safeguarding. This is a tremendous achievement which has been made possible by the Safeguarding Team and all staff who work to ensure the safety of our patients and residents. The RHN will continue to deliver outstanding safeguarding measures, keeping patient and resident welfare and safety at the centre of everything we do.”


Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability – March 2023

Leaders in Safeguarding Gold Award

We are incredibly proud to have been awarded a Gold Award from Leaders in Safeguarding. Safeguarding is at the heart of everything we do at Paragon Skills and this award demonstrates that our ways of working make a huge difference to the wellbeing of our learners of all ages, and all backgrounds.

The assessment process focused not only on policy and its implementation, but more importantly it sought the feedback of our learners who were highly complementary about both their safeguarding training and how important their welfare is to their Personal Tutor.

To have achieved this Award at a Gold standard is testament to the hard work of all colleagues at Paragon Skills in ensuring that our learners are supported to achieve to the highest possible standard. We have worked hard to be different from anyone else, along with our unique partnerships which sets us apart and takes the safeguarding of our learners to a new level. We are honoured to receive amazing feedback from such great professionals in their field and will fly our Gold Leaders in Safeguarding flag with absolute pride.


Paragon Skills – January 2022

We’re very pleased to have achieved the Leaders in Safeguarding accolade, which recognises the strong support in place for our learners. Lifetime has focused on learner support to ensure all barriers are removed for our learners to achieve their apprenticeship. We have an ongoing development programme for our safeguarding team, and actively engage with external networks to ensure our safeguarding knowledge and experience is industry leading. The feedback from learners is the support they have received has been life-changing, which demonstrates the importance of rigorous safeguarding.

Angela Maguire-Lewis, Lifetime’s Quality Director


Lifetime Training – January 2020